Dearly Beloved,

October 28, 2018

To the ones we love, our family, our village:

As you already know, our family is embarking on the sweetest journey to bring our second child home from India. The emotions surrounding this decision range from over-the-moon to terrified to immense joy and sadness for our child’s loss of their biological family. The journey to our decision to adopt has been a long one, but this past summer God placed such a burden on our hearts to care for the fatherless. We could no longer carry on our lives without fulfilling the calling the Lord had placed in us. After much prayer, discussion, and seeking out wisdom from other adoptive families, we came to the conclusion that it was time to act. And so we did. We decided on an adoption agency we wanted to use, filled out an application, and jumped into the deep end.

The last few months have already proven to be difficult, but has also come with so much affirmation that we made the right decision. Over and over we have been reminded that there is a cost to following Christ and for too many years we have skated by in a very cost-less faith. We came to a point in our Christian walk where we could no longer gloss over passages like James 1:27 “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world,” and “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” James 1:22 Bringing a child into our home, born to strangers, to raise as our own, sounds crazy. But isn’t that what God has done for us? “For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love he predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will.” Ephesians 1:4-5 Willingly draining our savings, letting go of financial security, is terrifying and seemingly foolish in our culture. But didn’t Jesus pay it all so that we might be reconciled to God, to join his family? And if we truly believe what the Bible says, do we not believe that God will provide for us? We were ready to have another child, ready for Clara to become the big sister it seems she was born to be. She’s such a little momma. We knew we could try to have a biological child, and Lord willing, would have conceived. But in the face of the desperate need, knowing there are 153 million orphans, that so few are being adopted, we could not shake the bone deep conviction that our second child would not come from our blood. We knew that he or she was already in the world and just waiting for us.

So here we are. Filling out forms, writing long papers, praying, working over-time and on the weekends, organizing fundraisers, praying, procuring certificates, attending adoption conferences and training, reading, listening, praying and waiting and moving mountains to get to our baby in India. As I’ve shared on social media, this has been a very humbling experience for me. I have worked very hard for the things I have achieved in my life. I do not like asking for help. I shared this sentiment with a precious friend who rebuffed me with, “Theryne, I’m not giving you this to help you, and neither are these other people. I want to be a part of helping an orphan find their family. I love you and would do anything for you, but this is bigger.” How do you respond to that?  I’ve been working hard to get out of my own way. With that, allow me to divulge the purpose of this letter: we need you, loved ones.

Your Part

   We’d like for your partnership in 2 areas:

  • Prayer – We desperately NEED your support here. Pray for our hearts as we prepare to bring a new child into our home. Pray for Clara to transition to become a big sister. Pray for the adoption process to go smoothly, forms and certifications to go through, documents to be processed quickly. Pray for our child in India: for the care they are now receiving, for their broken heart, for their biological family. Pray that God can use this pain for His glory and a joy we cannot imagine.
  • Financial Support – We know that the Lord will supply all our financial needs, but we would love for you to get involved. In Philippians 4:17, Paul assures his supporters that he does not seek the gift itself, but “the profit which increases to YOUR account” (emphasis added). In other words, God was supplying all of Paul’s needs, but Paul wanted fellow believers to share in the blessing. We would like to invite you to do the same.
    • Purchase a t-shirt to show the world you’re a defender of the fatherless! All proceeds from this shirt will help to cover costs of adoption fees. Go to
    • Another opportunity for you to support orphan care is through a yard sale we will be holding on Saturday, November 10. If you would like to donate items that we could sell to raise money for adoption fees, please contact Bret or I via email or phone. We will arrange a pick up to make it as easy as possible for you. Or come by and shop at the sale! Clara wanted to pitch in to help save money for her baby, so she came up with an idea for an apple cider stand. She’ll be selling her cider at the yard sale. Come get a hot cup of apple cider and make a 4 year-old’s day. 


Because He first loved us,

Bret + Theryne + Clara

Adoption Update: October 1st

Wow. What a whirlwind. Since we began this adoption journey, everything has moved so quickly. At the beginning of September, we decided it was time to begin the process to get to our second child. In less than a month, we have submitted an application to our agency, been accepted, shared with our parents and family, shouted the joyful news from the rooftops, and completed the beginning paperwork. God provided the funds for us to pay our accreditation fee and half of our first agency fee. Praise the Lord for His provision!

Next up is our orientation and then we will begin the homestudy. The homestudy is a 2-4 month process where pretty much everything about our home, marriage, and family is evaluated. We are eager to begin and continue moving forward. When we have completed the homestudy, we can send everything off to be approved by the Indian government (CARA). Once approved, we’ll be matched and finally get the profile of the child God ordained for our family!

In these past few weeks, my heart has been broken in so many ways…

Broken by the humility that has been thrust upon me. I have come face to face with my idol: pride. My pride masks itself in independence. I have been humbled and come to realize just how dependent I am on my husband, my friends, my family, my God. I rejoice in this correction and refinement. Lord, may I never boast of my independence and strength, again. It is only the hand of God that has brought me to where I am. To Him be all the glory.

Broken by the generosity of our friends and family. I cannot even speak to this, to this love they have poured out on us and our little one. From the sweet phone calls and texts, to the encouraging cards, to the financial gifts. The gifts that I know have been a sacrifice. This beautiful picture of Christ and the church.

Broken by the great tragedy of our child and the loss of their biological momma. This week, my heart has been so heavy for our baby in India. Just knowing the means that they are coming to us, and I grieve for them, for their loss, their hurt, their tears that I am not yet able to dry. I long to comfort them. And their momma, if she’s living, I just can’t imagine her pain, what she must be going through, and my heart shatters for her. Would you please pray for them?

Coming up: We will be having a t-shirt fundraiser soon to help us cover the costs of the first few agency fees. I’ll post about our shirts as soon as we have them! Our next fee is due at the end of this month, and another $3,500 is due by November 20th. We are doing everything we can to reach these payment dates (Bret is working overtime and on weekends, I’ve been accepted as a substitute at a local school), but even with our extra hours we do not have the means. We believe with all our hearts, and have already seen, that God will provide. Please pray for us! If you feel led, please consider clicking the link to our GoFundMe or share it with others.