I’m still here

Ok, there is so much to share since I last posted. When Bret and I started our adoption journey last summer, we were told by several people to be on guard for spiritual attacks. Satan wants to devour children and he will fight tooth and nail when we attempt to stand in the gap for the fatherless. We have come to understand this more and more as we have been confronted with trial after trial after trial in the past nine months. But through it all, we know Who has already won that war! As a result of some of these attacks, it has caused me to slow down and really hold my family close. I am so thankful for the nudging of the Holy Spirit last spring to stay home this year. I have had the opportunity to pour into my husband and my little girl, be available for others, and just rest (something I am not good at as an Enneagram type 1).

Updates are in order! Since I last posted in February:

  • We received our i800a approval (see post Adoption Update: February for more info)!!
  • We are waiting for a phone call ANNYYY day now for CARA approval. Then we can be presented with a child’s file. We’ve been told this can be the hardest part of the entire adoption journey, so would you please pray for us as we prepare to make one of the biggest decisions ever for our family?
  • Clara has been registered for kindergarten. She turns five in less than a month and I have done everything in my power to keep her from aging and somehow that fiend, Time, snuck in and made my baby’s chubby legs grow two feet and her vocabulary grow two thousand paragraphs and my tiny tot no longer fits in the crook of my lap without spilling out. No, I’m not excited for her to go to kindergarten. No, I’m not handling it well. No, I don’t want to talk about it.
  • I have had two grandparents pass away within three months. It was hard. It still is.
  • I quit social media. I might write a blog post on why. I might not. Like you really need one more person giving their opinions or a suggestion on how to live and make choices… You can find that on social media! So you can contact me the “old fashion” ways, now: cell phone, email, snail mail.
  • Bret and I attended the Rooted in Love conference in Birmingham a couple weekends ago (see the fab pic). It was soooooo good for our hearts in this time of waiting. It was also just dang good for our marriage. We haven’t had a getaway in over a year and relished the extra time to sneak kisses, hold hands, and go on dates. Birmingham is such a cool city to explore. Added bonus, I got to shake the hand of THE Dr. Russell Moore.

Now to the future! In the months ahead, I hope to be posting more often. I have a back log of things to post about, from bread recipes (I’ve become obsessed with baking bread), to integrating multicultural literature in your children’s library, beekeeping tips (of course), quotes that are speaking life to me, our favorite adoption resources, books I’m reading (and suggesting!), and more!

For adoption fundraising, we will be having our last yard sale on May 25th. The one in March had to be postponed so I could be with my family in Oklahoma. We will also have one more push to sell t-shirts. The Lord has been so faithful to provide and we have almost reached our fundraising goals! Please help us by sharing our information and getting the word out. Here’s the info:


  • Purchase a t-shirt to show the world you’re a defender of the fatherless! All proceeds from this shirt will help to cover costs of adoption fees. Go to onelessorphanmedlinadoption.bigcartel.com
  • Another opportunity for you to support orphan care is through a yard sale we will be holding on Saturday, May 25. If you would like to donate items that we could sell to raise money for adoption fees, please contact Bret or I via email or phone. We will arrange a pick up to make it as easy as possible for you. You can also volunteer at the sale or come by and shop!


I love each of you so much. Thank you for praying for our family and standing with us through our battles and heartaches this past year. You are so precious to me. To us.