Podcasts, please!

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m an avid listener of podcasts. It’s difficult for me to complete a conversation without adding, “So there was this podcast I was listening to…” There are all kinds of podcasts out there for a motley of purposes. I mainly listen to expository and personal narratives to learn and broaden my perspective. My husband loves to glean through stories. His favorites are harrowing and inspiring tales from international missionaries and, in contrast, true crime mysteries. Like books, everyone has their own genre of podcast they prefer. Because I get asked so often, I thought I’d share some of my favorite podcasts. And if you’re new to podcasts or you’ve never listened to them before, welcome!! Grab your earbuds, and get ready to feel like the greatest multitasker in the world. I swear I get my daily chores done 10x faster while listening to a cast. Laundry (yes, the worst chore ever that I hate with the white hot passion of a thousand suns) goes by quickly. And let’s not even get started on how essential they are to a road trip. I hope this list of podcasts can help you to learn and grow and challenge you, like it has me. Share your favorites with us in the comments! I’m always looking for another show.

The Happy Hour

One of my top three favorites, this podcast makes me cry and laugh simultaneously. It’s equally educational and entertaining and just dang encouraging.

Love Thy Neighborhood

Another top three, LTN inspires me to show the love of Christ to everyone I meet.

The Bible Project

Probably the podcast I listen to the most, Tim and Jon are constantly blowing my mind and causing me to dig deeper into the Bible.


Because David Platt is just awesome. I appreciate his blunt but grace filled approach to the Gospel and the Christian walk.

Truth’s Table

These marvelous women are sooo stinking smart and wise and hilarious. I love their work and I love learning from them.

Ask Pastor John

If I ever have a question about the Bible, Pastor John has already answered it, thoroughly.

The Defender Podcast

The priority of our family in a podcast. If you have a heart for vulnerable children or want to know what that even means, listen to this cast.

The Gospel Coalition

I can’t go to all the conferences I would like to attend, but I can listen to most of them here. Thank you, TGC!

Red Couch

Because there is nothing funnier or more accurate than this show’s segment of Hood Politics.

Real Christianity (formerly Ultimate Marriage)

The episodes on marriage are really good. Dale likes to provoke, so be ready. Lol

Honestly Adoption Podcast

A great podcast if you’re just wading into the adoption or foster world.

The Heritage Women Podcast

This is a shameless plug for one of my best friends. She’s smart, she’s funny, she loves Jesus, she’s an amazing momma, and fellow dreamer. She just started her first podcast and I can’t wait to see what she is going to do for the Kingdom. Go listen to her on Spotify (coming to Apple soon) and be sure to rate the podcast so it can be available to more women seeking to grow in their faith and relationships.

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