Adoption Update: October 7, 2020 NOC

Happy fall, all!! It has been a long time since I’ve posted an update (since March). It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything…. like many of you, I’ve been pressing into this time of quarantine and closings. I’ve happily gone days without checking emails or touching my phone and I can say that I sleep deeper because of it. It’s been sweet to spend more time with family and dear friends. It has been a season, for my little family at least, to snuggle more, read more, and feast more. And that’s exactly what our hearts have needed in the extended period of waiting to bring our son home. As most of you know, we started the adoption process more than two years ago. In March of 2020, the Lord answered many prayers and we were matched with our beautiful little boy, Micah. By the way, that’s his name. Micah Oren Medlin. Named after the biblical prophet and Micah’s late paternal great grandfather.

In mid-August, we celebrated Micah’s 5th birthday amongst the sweet souls of our dearest friends and family. As we welcomed guests into our home that evening, my husband joked that this was probably the first birthday party we’ve all been to where the birthday boy was absent. The humor and warm embraces helped to lighten the burden on our hearts of the deep grief we have felt for missing another momentous occasion in our son’s life. The week prior had witnessed many tears and pleading with the Lord on our son’s behalf. This night of celebration and prayer and fellowship was needed. So, we all feasted on delicious Indian dishes like homemade chana masala, raita, garlic naan, chutneys, samosa, and other snacks. After filling our tummies with delectable food and our hearts with bubbly laughter, we gathered in the living room for a sweet time of worship and prayer. I was overwhelmed by the love of our brothers and sisters in Christ as they all prayed over our adoption process, us, and our Micah. We finished the evening off by circling around a chocolate cake and mango kulfi, and sang hearty wishes to the birthday boy. A sweet friend captured it on video and we were able to send pictures and video to Micah’s orphanage, so that he could see the many people who love him, are celebrating him, and are praying diligently for the Lord to bring him home.

So, what’s up next? After waiting for three months, we have just received our No Objection Certificate from India. We are praising the Lord that this has come through! This means that our adoption petition can now be filed in court. Once we go through court, which could take several months, we will then be the legal parents of Micah and can travel to India to bring him home. While we are at the final stages of the process, we are painfully aware that it could be quite a while before we are able to travel on our Gotcha Trip. Could you please join us in praying that the Lord will rise up on our behalf and perform a miracle to swiftly bring our son home? We are thankful for the many prayers over the years. We believe it’s these prayers that will finally see our son home.

8 more check marks since the last post in March!
Micah’s birthday cake, decorated by his big sister.
Oh, the delicious things we ate!
Prayer guide for praying for vulnerable children.
Our fellow celebrators! Happy birthday, Micah!!

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