Hello! I am Theryne Mae Medlin. I grew up in the big blue skies of Oklahoma, but now reside just outside of Charlotte, NC on my husband’s family land. I took my husband’s name, but kept my grandmother’s. I am a follower of Christ, a writer, teacher, runner, a beekeeper’s wife, and mommy to Clara and our pup, Maple (she’s the “fur”st born). I like the smell of rain and lilacs. I’m addicted to coffee, happily addicted. I love to decorate and I hate doing laundry. Hate. It.

I have an affinity for beauty. I perceive the beauty  of our Creator and of man all around me. I’m good at capturing that beauty, painting my walls with it. I love to create spaces that are restful and welcoming. Spaces that connect memories and emotions. Every piece in our home has a memory for me or my husband. While guests may not know those connections, I think you can feel the love and depth in our home.

I am head-over-heels in love with my husband and our little girl. My beekeeping husband has been the propolis to my life since the day he walked into it with his Doc Marten boots. He grounds me, keeps me together. I’ve never met anyone with such a pure and kind heart. And let me tell you about our tiny princess… she’s the peanut butter to my chocolate (because that’s a match that supersedes even a PB&J). She fills our world with laughter and light and glitter and unicorns. I don’t know how God ever thought me worthy of sharing life with their souls.

This blog is not about anything specific. Call it a diary or my kind of Pinterest board of random thoughts, since I have a strong aversion to Pinterest (how are you to be yourself if you’re just copying everyone else?). These posts are just my raw, honest contemplations. My likes, and dislikes. My passions and perceptions. I guess, it’s my hand reaching out, more than anything. Hoping to grasp anyone who may think like me, question like me. Maybe we can wander through this together.

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