I Don’t Wear Deodorant

When I tell people I stopped wearing deodorant I get two reactions: The stink eye or the stink sniff. They either think I’m crazy for ditching one of the most important toiletries in the bathroom cabinet or I must reek and they just haven’t gotten on the bad side of the breeze, yet. Or both. But guess what, I don’t stink! Husband approved. So how did I get here? Let me explain.

A little over a month ago, a friend shared why she decided to forgo the deodorant stick on Instagram and replaced it with a natural alternative. When I started researching the products in deodorant I was appalled. Go grab your deodorant right now and read the ingredients. You may notice some of these: Aluminum, parabens (usually with a fancy name in front of it), and triclosan. All of these ingredients have been shown to cause disruptions in the endocrine system (hormones), irritate skin, and linked to tumors i.e. tied to breast cancer. One of them, triclosan, is even a pesticide! Would you knowingly put a pesticide on your skin everyday for years? Yuck! Here’s some articles for you to read up on. They do a great job of explaining the risks involved with using deodorant.

11 Scary Reasons to Stop Wearing Deodorant

TIME: Can Deodorant Give You Cancer?

So deodorant is bad, or at least risky, but I don’t want to smell like a teenager fresh from gym class. What do I do? There are several DIY natural deodorants on the internet. I’ve not had much luck buying natural deodorants from the store and walked around with raw armpits for a week after trying a DIY balm with baking soda. I like to use a Crystal Stick, recommended by that same girlfriend I mentioned earlier. It’s just salt. I was super skeptical. I tried it. I am a convert. I can go all day full-on sweating in the summer heat and never get even a little funk. If you try it and notice a little smelling later in the day, some users have suggested to not give up. Some people have to allow their bodies to detox for a week or two. One last tip, I wet my underarms, or don’t dry them after a shower, and then apply the Crystal Stick instead of wetting the stick each time, which will cause it to deteriorate quicker. Oh, and one stick lasts a WHOLE YEAR. Talk about cost effective! That’s some DO 4 yo BO I can get behind. Let me know in the comments if you have questions.  Ciao!